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with Erwan Augoyard


2018 – 2021


Performance | 45 min


Series of photographs

Performance | 10 min

Book (In progress)


Dom (Polish for “house/home”) deals with the love/hate relationship Synak has with her country of origin Poland. Synak left Poland in 2013 to study visual arts in Amsterdam, Marseille and Brussels. It is her departure from Poland and arrival in Brussels that form the basis for Dom. Synak mixes autobiographical facts with autofiction by combining her own intimate stories with those of her protagonists, people from the Polish working class living in Belgium. Dom is a story about male and female forces, about the creation, cleaning and destruction of houses, but above all it is an essay on the symbolic function of one’s Mother Nation.



In progress

Performance 45 min


Été 78, Brussels, 2020

Starring: Wiktoria Synak, Anouk Boyer-Mazal, Olga Wyszkowska

Scenography aid: Daniel Zduniuk



FoMu, Antwerp, 2020

Scenography aid: Daniel Zduniuk

Performance | 10 min


Sueur Festival, Brussels, 2021

Starring: Wiktoria Synak, Danuta Rutkowska

Photographs: Mary Szydłowska

Series of 5 photographs ''Birth certificate''



Series of 5 photographs "Studio"



Models: Wiktoria Synak, Anouk Boyer-Mazal, Olga Wyszkowska

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